Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~Varsity Here we Come...~

WooHoo it's time to celebrate!  
Hannah just found out she made "Varsity" Cheer for her high school.  
Here are some random shots of the past two years she has been on cheer (freshman and JV squads).

Here she is at a football game...

This is the team competing at Nationals.

Another Nationals competition photo.

Our cheer family T-shirt.

If you know anything about cheer, it's all about the BOW!!!

Just a random shot of the girls bags at the football field
(I just liked this one)

We are so excited!

P.S.  I always struggle with, if I should or shouldn't put things on the blog about my family.  I decided since the blog is named after my daughter it would be appropriate to put some of her accomplishments on it!

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