Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Love Baseball!!

Little League baseball is officially over for my family.  We have been going to little league games every Saturday for 9 years and of course you have to add in the the weekday games as well.  I know I will miss these baseball games and the innocence the kids have during this time of their lives.  But onward to bigger and better things, like High School sports.  Here comes football in just 3 short weeks...   WOW!!!

Here are just a few pictures of my boy's years in baseball. 

All Stars

All Stars

This year, playing 2nd base.

Getting instruction from the coach.

My lefty getting ready to smash the ball.

Going for the bunt.

Sitting on the bench waiting for his "at bat".

Playing around before the game, is this a golf swing?

Finishing up that golf swing.

I love baseball...

Hoping your Sunday is fantastic!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

signs, signs everywhere are signs...

I have been wanting to make this "Create" sign since Christmas.  I originally saw a mug with the word "create" on it at one of my favorite stores (Paper Source) while doing my Christmas shopping.  I thought it would make an adorable sign.  So how many months later?  Here it is.  I thought I would take pictures along the way and show you how I did it.

First I found the font and size of letters I wanted.  I printed them out on the computer and then cut them out.

Then I turned them over and rubbed the back with a pencil, to create a transfer.

Then I placed them on the piece of wood and just used a pen to trace around the letters, this is what I got.

Then I just painted the letters with some black paint I already had.

After that I sanded the piece of wood down and rubbed it with some stain (I think it was pecan color stain)

The finished sign!

It sits on the top of my desk in my office along side of a picture of my boy playing baseball and my beautiful Mother's Day poem written by my daughter.
  Lets hope it gives me a little inspiration...

Have a great day!!


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!

I would like to send happy wishes to all of the beautiful mother's I know.  I hope your day is filled with whatever you want!!!

Here are some very random things I think would be perfect for any mom on her day!

All pictures via Pinterest

Happy Mom's Day...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo...

It's time to celebrate!  Here is how it goes...

The festive tablescape

What to drink

What to eat

Whats for dessert

What to wear

all images from pinterest

Wishing everyone a fun filled Cinco de Mayo and a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May Day!!!

I love "May Day"! I love the sweet tradition of leaving May Day flowers on someones doorstep.  It is so fun to find a little posie or two at your door! So I decided to do just that and leave a few pretty blooms at my friends front doors.  Here is how it went:

I got the buckets from Target for a $1.00 and the oasis from Joann's.

I made the May Day cards 

 I bought the beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's, you can't beat Trader's

Arranged the flowers and tied the card on with ribbon

The left over flowers were put in Hannah's room

I hope everyone is having a glorious May Day 2012!


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