Monday, June 27, 2011

~My First Tutorial~

Well, here goes my first try at a tutorial...
A little explanation first.  I came across this new way (I am not sure if it's new) to transfer an image onto fabric and decided to give it whirl.  It turned out pretty well so here are some photos and the "how-to"!
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These are the items you need to begin the project:  An image you would like to transfer, Citrosolv - (can be purchased at Wholefoods), Newspaper, Small Bowl, Small Paintbrush, and a Spoon.

1.You will need to find your image. You can find images on any number of websites on the Internet, I found mine at the Graphics Fairy, here, (I am partial to french graphics) and then make a copy of it backwards (easily done in your printer properties menu as an iron-on transfer) 
2.Then take it to your nearest copy center and make a copy of the print backwards on a toner printer.  It has to be printed with a toner printer. (I did mine at Rite Aid, they cost me 15 cents each)
3.Place the copy print side down on your fabric, obviously white fabric will work best with the black ink image.
The picture below has not been done correctly. 

This picture below is correct.  Make sure you tape it down so there is no movement of the picture when transferring.

4.Then you will pour some of the Citrosolv into a small dish (this is potent stuff with a heavy odor-I suggest you do this outside. 
5. With your small brush lightly dip into the Citrosolv and brush all over image.  You don't have to completely saturate it.  
6.Then use the back of your spoon and burnish it (rub the image rather firmly with the back of the spoon)  7.Then take the image off the fabric and let it dry. 
8. Once it is dry go over image with an iron making sure the Citrosolv is gone.
That's it!  

I love them.  It really is an easy way to do an image transfer onto fabric.
Hope you try it!!!


  1. Looks like fun! I would love to try it! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. Very cool Kathleen! Can you wash them without losing the image?
    Diane P.


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