Saturday, June 11, 2011

~Miss Hannah B.'s 13th Birthday Party~

Well, the birthday girl decided to plan her own b-day party this year.  She decided she wanted a scrap booking/sleepover party.  She invited 5 of her best girlfriends, of course she wanted more but I put the kabosh on that one.

She wanted various snacks and drinks to munch on before the pizza arrived.

She decided on vanilla and chocolate cupcakes (the girl loves her cupcakes)

And then there was the scrapbooking part of the party.  These girls came loaded with scrapbook supplies.  They are some serious scrapbookers in the making.
It turned out to be a fantastic idea, they had a blast scrapbooking!!!

This is what the dining room table looked like in the morning...

We took a whole bunch of pictures of the girls together and with the birthday girl, had them printed immediately at the drug store so they could have them to scrapbook.
Here is a shot of them having a picture taken from the floor.

and last but not least a picture of the birthday girl after she had opened her gifts...

The party was a success, a good time was had by all!!!


  1. Wow I absolutely love the pictures! That was my best party ever!

  2. That’s wonderful! These cupcakes are making me hungry because they are so tempting, I wish I could have one right now. I had to book one of the NYC venues for my daughter’s birthday this year because of the house renovation. My sister is taking help of some professional designer’s and giving me a surprise.


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