Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blossoms, Blossoms, Blossoms...

You will love these blossoms, perfect for you, a friend or the little girl you know!
They are fabric flowers embellished in the middle with coordinating beads or pearls.  Each bloom has a hairclip and a pin attached for versatility.

"Abby" approx. 4" wide  $10.00

"Hannah"  approx. 4" wide $10.00

"Annabelle"  approx. 4" wide  $10.00

"Katie" approx. 4" wide  $10.00

'Haley"  approx. 5" wide  $10.00

"Diane"  approx. 1 1/2 " each  $8.00

Send me an email if your interested in purchasing any of my new Blossoms.  If you want any specific colored Blossoms I haven't pictured send me an email as well.
Thanks for looking!

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