Friday, April 11, 2014

~My Dream CAR~

Ok, we have been talking a lot about cars around here, that's because we have twins that will be turning "16" in about a month and half.  We talk about them while we are driving.  We talk about them at home while watching TV.  We talk about them while dining in restaurants.  It is non stop car talk!  So I started thinking about what my dream car would have been when I was turning "16".
  Here it is...

The green version

The red version

I am still in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this car.
One can still dream right?

What is your dream car?


  1. My son just turned 16, and driving is the new topic 'round here. My first (and dream) car was a 65 Ford Falcon. Your dream car is adorable!

  2. I get why you really love this car, Kathleen! That model of BMW is really incredible! It looks striking in both colors, but I like the red more. The color makes the car look stunning and stylish as it cruises down the road. That, and I just generally like red on everything. Cheers!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler Products

  3. Either green or red, those car models look awesome! Isn’t it nice if you could drive them down the quiet road? It would definitely be a good stuff to watch. Anyway, I wish you all the luck on getting your dream car. Have a nice day!

    Lance Gross @ Royal on the East Side


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