Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~Traveling Kids~

My kids are across the country visiting Washington D.C..this week.  They are on a trip with fellow 8th graders from their school. They are so lucky to be seeing some spectacular places.  Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, the Kennedy Center, Gettysburg, the Capitol, Smithsonian, all of the monuments, etc...  It is a fantastic trip, I am so jealous but so glad they could do this. Of course we have had some pitfalls.  Hannah has been homesick, Austin has been bus sick (not unusual) and banged his knee into something, he must have hurt it pretty bad the principal called to make sure we knew about it and it was ok to give him advil. Such a great experience they will never forget.  I am so thankful to my mom and dad for making this happen.  You are the best Grammy & Papa!!!
Here are some pics of the kids getting ready to be dropped off at the bus:

Austin never wants his picture taken


Hannah always loves her picture taken

Acting like they really like each other (they really do)!

Can't wait to hear all about it.

p.s. I miss them soo much!!!

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  1. I had such a fantastic time!! But I'm so thankful to be home!


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