Monday, January 2, 2012

* New Year - New Projects*

It's 2012, time to get motivated, organized and clean clean clean!  The Christmas stuff is put away and the cleaning has begun.  We have also started on a new project.  ML (my husband) and I have decided it is time to re-do the kids playroom (probably because ML purchased a new TV for Christmas, well really what got the  ball rolling was we switched our cable to Fios and since the cable guy was coming to hook up the new cable we (needed) to purchase a new bigger, better, HD TV for the playroom.  I suppose that was a good enough reason but I figured I would get a new room out of it so I went along.  Sooo the new TV will go along with a new sofa, chair,  lamps, rug, art for the walls, etc...  You get it , right?  So I put together an inspiration collage and I am attempting to stick to it.

     1.Ikea   2.Ikea   3.Ikea   4.Potterybarn   5.Ikea   6. Potterybarn   7. Potterybarn  8.Ikea  9.Potterybarn

 I guess I got stuck at 2 stores, less expensive and more expensive, well these are just ideas.  We already have the TV (of course)  but haven't had time to shop for anything else.  Wish us luck!!!

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  1. A great way to kick off the new year!!


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